9 user experience trends your business website should be using in 2019

BY Kiran - Content Writer @ Truemark Technology

User Experience

Since the advancement in technology, everybody wants the best experience whether it maybe technology or digital products. The user experience (UX) has been around for some time and is constantly evolving. With the constant evolution of technology, the importance of user experience is also increasing. As a result, every organization is focusing on user experience to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

So, let’s dive into UX in detail.

What is UX?

User experience (UX) is how users experience when interacting with a system. It is a user’s experience when using a digital product. The user experience comprises positive and negative feelings when a user uses the website, technology, digital products, and so on.

Principles of UX

You should consider some principles when developing a website, digital products and services, and so on. These principles help to increase user engagement and satisfaction. These principles will guide you to build the best user experience. Let’s some of the UX principles.


The content that you provide should be useful and should fulfill the user’s needs and problems.


The website, digital products, and services should be usable. Such systems, products, and services should be easy to use.


The system, products, and services should be able to attract users. The users should appreciate the system, digital products, and services.


The contents that you provide should be easy to find and navigate. The contents should be available both online and offline.


The contents that you provide should be accessible to the users.


The contents that you provide should be original and the contents should be trusted by the users.

User experience has become one of the most important factors. Every organization should provide the best experience to the user so they do do not go anywhere else to experience products and services. As long as technology keeps evolving, the user needs also keeps increasing. So, every organization should adopt different strategies to provide the best user experience. Here are some of the UX design trends in 2019.

Voice user interfaces (VUIs)

Voice User Interface

Have you ever wondered what you could use a system through voice commands? If not, well you are welcome to the 21st century. In the current era, it has become common to use the system through voice commands. Many reputed organizations have an in-built AI voice recognition system in their system such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and so on. It prevents the user to use their hand and make them more comfortable and easy to use system.



Gestures have become an important feature in most of the mobile devices. Every year companies are competing with each other to bring in unique features in their systems. Currently, the organizations are competing for bezel-less design. Such designs are attracting more and more users every year. In such devices, gestures become a mean to interact with the system.

Connected experiences

Connected Experience

In the current scenario, we can see users having multiple devices with them. But, the issue here is access to information. Multiple devices with multiple accounts can be troublesome for the users as they have to remember account details for every device they use. So, the feature known as sync is available that helps to access the information from anywhere anytime at the same time.


Micro Interaction

Micro-interactions are small events where the user interacts with the system’s design. Swipe action on mobile devices, like and share buttons on facebook, double-tap to skip youtube videos, etc are some of the examples of micro-interactions. It helps to save the time of the users and make the interaction more interesting.

Skeleton screens

A skeleton screen is a UI where information is loaded on a page slowly. Users tend to leave a page if its taking time to load the content. But with the help of skeleton screens, the users can see that the content is being loaded on the page slowly. This makes the page more interesting than the typical loading animation on the page.

Thumb-friendly experience

Thumb-friendly Experience

Almost everyone uses mobile devices using one hand only. So, it is necessary to develop thumb-friendly devices and apps. This helps to reach the apps and parts of the mobile devices easily with your thumb. This helps users to navigate the design easily and use apps with their thumb only.

Photo driven interfaces

One of the UX trends is photo-driven interfaces. This helps users to interact with the system easily. Photos have become an essential part of the design. The aim is to increase user engagement with the system as photos provide more information. Wide use of photos in the system helps to make user interaction more interesting and entertaining.

Simplified authentication

Simplified Authentication

Are you one of those people who forgets password frequently? Well, it is common to forget the password because you are not the only one. People tend to spend a lot of time on passwords. But the solution to this problem is the implementation of biometric authentication such as face recognition, fingerprint, and so on. Nowadays, most of the device comes with security methods such as fingerprint, recognition, etc. that prevents users from spending a lot of time guessing and remembering passwords.

How to enhance UX?

Building a website for a business is one step closer to success. Websites are an effective and fast way to build a successful business. But, it is not enough, you need to optimize your website and should provide the best user experience to the users. So, let’s see how you can enhance the UX.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Smartphones are much cheaper than laptops and desktops. Almost everyone has a mobile device with them. Smartphones are one of the factors that drive huge traffic to your website. So, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. This helps to provide good user experience. So, you should never neglect such factors of UX design on your site.

Page loading time

Page loading time is one of the factors that affect traffic on your website. If the loading time of the website is slow then the user might not have enough patience to wait until the page is loaded. This may affect traffic on your website. Faster loading time ensures that the users navigate through other pages. This will increase the traffic on your website as well as increase the conversion rates. So, you should optimize your website’s loading time and make sure that user come again to visit your website.

Website security

You can build trust with the users if you ensure the security of their personal information and payment details saved on your website. Having security helps to make the users completely satisfied. This helps to increase traffic on your website and ensure that more and more clients come for your business.

Attractive call to action (CTA)

A call to action is an important part of any website. It should be embedded in every page of the website. Having an appealing CTA will increase the traffic on your website and increase the conversion rate. Having a CTA will help users to take action easily and a lot faster. Conversions, profit, and revenue all depend on appealing and attractive CTA.


Making a wise website color choice attracts users to your website. Nowadays, its all about making an attractive and appealing website if you want to increase traffic on your website. If you want to leave a mark on users then you need to make a wise color choice that makes your website more vibrant and appealing.

Don’t annoy visitors

You should avoid annoying visitors with frequent pop-ups, ads, autoplay audio and video, slow loading time, forced registration, and so on. These factors will make users uncomfortable and prevent them from visiting your website again. When designing your website, you need to avoid such elements that annoy your visitors. This helps to provide good user experience.

Motion and animation

Motion and animation also help to appeal to visitors. You can use motion and animation to display notifications on your website. This helps users to engage and attract their attention much longer than a static page. It helps users to interact with the system effectively. It also helps to provide a better user experience than a static webpage.

Images and videos

The use of images and videos helps to attract users on your website. But, the use of images and videos should be limited. Too much use of images and videos might also irritate the users and might not provide valuable information. The use of images and videos helps to provide information more clearly than written words. This helps to appeal the users to your website and hold them much longer.

Why your website need UX?

Importance of UX

UX design mainly focuses on user satisfaction, so it plays an important role in business success. UX has been around for a while and it is creating a hype currently. UX design matters a lot since people need to enjoy and interact with the system. Let’s see some of the importance of UX in your business.

Increase traffic and conversion rates

When your website is optimized properly and provides a better experience to the users then users are sure to increase on your site. It also helps to increase new users on your site. If users are able to navigate the site easily and understand how to use the site, then the users will get a better user experience and this will make users come back to the site. Thus increasing traffic on your site as well as increasing the conversion rates.

Increase return on investment (ROI)

When your site provides a better user experience then automatically traffic increases on your site. As a result, your conversion rates increase when your site is optimized properly and compels users to come back to your site. This helps to turn the users into potential customers if provided with a better user experience. So, the UX design should not be neglected when designing your website.

Customer loyalty

If your website is attractive and appealing then your website will begin to grow loyalty within a few interactions. The more your website provides a better user experience, the more customer loyalty increases. But, if users experience a slow loading page, annoying pop-ups, autoplay music and videos, etc then the users are sure to never come back on your site. This could decrease traffic on your site and fail to grow customer loyalty. So, it is necessary to optimize the site and provide a better user experience.

Brand building

When your website starts to increase traffic, it will help to build an image, reputation, and identity in the market. When your reputation increases, it will help to increase your customer reach. As a result, this also helps to increase your brand value. When you provide a better user experience, it will automatically help to increase brand loyalty and traffic on your website. So, user experience is important for building a good reputation.

Solve the user’s problem

UX design helps to solve the user’s problem. If users are leaving your website because of bad user experience, then you need to start optimizing the website and provide a better user experience. But first, you need to understand the user’s needs and problems to start optimizing the website. You need to study the user’s behavior and preferences to provide a better user experience. Thus, helps in solving the user’s problems.

Customer satisfaction

The UX design of your website should be attractive and appealing enough to gather the attention of users and solve their problems. Before that, you need to understand the user’s needs and requirements. This helps you to build a design based on the user’s needs and requirements. As a result, helps to make customer satisfied and increase customer loyalty.

In this competitive era, every organization wants to be ahead of their competitors. And the most satisfying factor is customer satisfaction. Every organization should focus on providing the best user experience to increase customer satisfaction. The organization’s website is best for increasing customer satisfaction and providing the best user experience. So, every organization should focus on optimizing their websites and focus on user needs and requirements and solve their problem through the website’s design.

At Truemark, our main focus is to satisfy the customers and make them happy. For this, we build software apps that provide the best user experience. So, if you want to work with us, please feel free to contact us.






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