Why you need a great specification for your project?

BY Saroj - Content Writer @ Truemark Technology

A project specification (spec) is a comprehensive description of the objectives for the development of the project. It contains all the goals, functionality, and details required for a development team to fulfill the vision of the client. It describes how the software product will be used from a user perspective and performance details such as speed, availability, and response time. Its main purpose is to make good communication with developers and know what they need to do. You can prepare a project specification for any tech projects such as apps development, websites. It is prepared with strong collaboration with every person involved in the project from the project manager to software developer.

What is a software specification?

A set of documents that has enough information on how final products look like and their performance. A ‘good’ software specification describes all the functional and technical specifications required to get things done. A comprehensive specification may contain detailed information and describe extensively the scope of work: -

  • Project objectives
  • Targeted audience
  • Product structure
  • Product behavior
  • Project milestones
  • Deployment requirements

In a narrow sense, software specification is an instant reference for all the concerned stakeholders of a project. It accumulates the customer’s needs and requirements. Simultaneously, it provides necessary information for the developers, quality assurance team and management. As we know, there are two types of specifications; functional and technical specs. The major difference between these two is,functional describes how the product will perform whereas technical specification describes the technical aspects of software product development.

Functional Specifications

It is a software development design document. A well-detailed information on how the product will perform from the perspectives of users is what functional specifications try to describe. It provides information on the general understanding of how the product will look and work after everything required has been implemented. It is not that vague and a non-technical person too can prepare it.

Technical Specifications

It is meant to describe all the technical aspects of software product development. You can find the following things:-

  • Detailed info on the interface signatures
  • Class models
  • Specific algorithms

As you know, technical specs dwells only around the technical aspect of the software product development. It is more sophisticated and complex for a non-technical person to prepare this kind of document.

Why do you need software specifications?

Project specification is the essence of software product development. A well-prepared project specification document help to direct both the client and the developer on the right path throughout its project life. Some tech companies may not require the specified project specification but without them they got entangled and the development process may take a long time to finish. The following headings signifies the importance of project specifications. Have a gaze on:-

  • You define your requirement

It is a clear cut reason for why you need to create specification documents. If you are able to define clearly your requirements and expectations, your project has more chances to get success.

  • It makes your project estimation smooth

If a product is not fully specified, it is almost impossible to estimate the budget requirement for the project and also the workload. So if the product specification is created through the in-depth analysis by professionals it can make a fair estimation of budget and work right.

  • To make the project schedule right

A properly created project specification helps to assess the workload of the whole team and each member separately. Not only this, it precisely assign the tasks and check the progress of software product development.

  • Developers get to become familiar with your product

Software developers can make totally different perceptions and put their own experience on your product. If the product specification is created developers know better your idea, vision and how the final product will look like.

If you take these things lightly, the result might get deviate more from what you want. There are chances, if you pick out the mistakes in earlier days of development you can somehow change and correct them. But after a major part of development is already done, it is really hard for you to avert the mistakes. It makes clear that the product specification has huge importance. It not only saves your time and budget but helps to make the type of product you really want. And the next thing, you cannot always check on the progress of product development, it is not feasible.

Sometimes, it is not a bad idea to listen to how developers put their vision on your product. Their suggestions can become crucial for you to the latest technology. Overall, you can benefit from the experience and skills of the best developers. At the counterpart, it is certain that when two or more ideas collide there are chances of misunderstanding and disputes. These controversies can go really big and tough to solve. At this point, the product specification can help a lot. Since what you want to have to how you want it to work is mentioned in the product specifications; there will be less room for disputes and if you arise any you can take the reference from the product specifications to resolve.

  • Development team knows your idea better

As you have put a really hard effort to prepare and document the product specifications, you always want a better understanding from the developers' team. The product specifications help both the client and the customer to reach an understanding. All the efforts you made to make the product of your interest and idea you put into it will not go in vain. It actually engages the developers team to meet all your expectations about the product. -

  • Ensure transparency

After creating a product specification, the process of software product development becomes a lot easier. It will have a clear mention of what work is assigned to whom and when the work has to be completed. It makes the development process systematic through enhanced communication. Due to seamless workflow boost productivity can be seen. It significantly reduces the chances of errors and controversies. -

  • Risk and cost reduction

A product specification has a clear description of the design and architecture of your product, and it offers a boundless development process. There is no need to make an investment in the redevelopment of the product because there would not arise a situation to go anything wrong. The development team follows everything mentioned in the plan. -

  • Product maintenance

The market is always changing. Your product will not work efficiently throughout the lifecycle unless you respond to changes and adapt them to your product. The product specification leaves room for making changes to the product on later days also after the product deployment.

The project started with fulfilling all the requirements as such can bag huge success. There are fewer disputes and misunderstandings during the development process. A project with a well-prepared project specification is sufficient for taking the right direction throughout its life. It’s a plan, where everything you need for your project is clearly specified. Information is provided under what circumstances which things should be applied. Apart from this, a good level of understanding is maintained between the client and the developers. Your idea is heard or understood better and you will actually get the product of yours.

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